Garvok, gnjevni mač

velika krivudavo kukasta metalna ploča sa drškom

weapon (melee)

Greatsword +5; dmg 2d6 +5, crit 19-20/x2 + 10d6 fireball on critical hits (Reflex DC 15), type S, wt 10 0r 0 lbs

If the bearer suffers a hit for damage more than half of his hitpoint total or fails to save against a hostile spell he must attempt a will save against a DC of 15 or suffer effects of baleful rage (or something).
This sword can be thrown up to 25 feet away from the user and it rebounds back to its owners hands.


Hamdijino pakleno nasljeđe vatrene smrti i gnjeva.

Garvok, gnjevni mač

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